Church Planting


We believe that churches that are healthy should be reproducing themselves and starting new congregations and ministries. SMBA has identified more than 60 locations where additional churches are needed.

This system has 5 major components:

Assessment: The process begins with the prospective planter enrolling in our assessment process by going to Select Stone Mountain Baptist Association New Work Foundation as the agency.

Church Planting School: Upon completion of assessment, church starters are involved in a 9-week training on the process of church.

Coaches: Each church starter is provided a coach who has previously started a church. This person serves as a “sounding board” to the church starter.

Church Planter Roundtable: Church starters are encouraged to plant into the DNA of their new church the process of multiplication. Church starters are brought together to form networks to start more churches.

Multiplying Church Network: Our goal is to see every one of our churches involved in the multiplication process. We enlist churches to gather, pray and plan to start new churches. 

Our Association partners with the Georgia Baptist Convention and the North American Mission Board for resource support. Supplemental funding is available for qualified church starters.   For more information, contact Larry Cheek at 770-483-2776 or