Mission Opportunities

“And you shall be my witnesses in both Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and even to the ends of the earth.” – Acts 1:8


Local Missions

God has called us to be missional people. We are living in a time of great need where so many people are in need of The Savior.  Our world is changing as people from all over the world become our neighbors. Eighty-six percent of the United States is unchurched and almost sixty percent are lost. Believe it or not, these people live in your neighborhoods, go to your schools, and work in your offices. Many of them come from countries where the Gospel is inaccessible. Many grew up in America yet still really have no idea of who Jesus is.  Yet, our greatest challenge as the church is within our own walls. Our commission is to “go.” Will we take the Gospel to these people or wait passively for them to come to us? I believe Jesus is calling His church out of its walls and into the world. How will you respond?

SMBA International Missions

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations . . .” Matthew 28:19
“After these things I looked, and behold, a great multitude, which no one could count, from every nation and all tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb . . . ” Revelation 7:9

Reach the Nations Atlanta 

A few paces down the street in Atlanta will tell you that you do not have to cross an ocean to reach the world. Reach the Nations (RTN) is a joint effort of the Stone Mountain Baptist Association and other NAMB sponsored missionaries to reach the nations. Working primarily in Stone Mountain and Clarkston, just a stone’s throw from downtown Atlanta, Reach the Nations is engaging people from all over the world.
Clarkston, Georgia is home to more than 120 nationalities with over 52 language groups. This A mega resettlement location for refugees is the most ethnically diverse square miles in the United States. Come join us as we reach the nations!

Mission 24

Mission 24 is a 24-hour mission trip experience that is a part of the RTN effort to reach all nations. This missions experience is unique in that it helps to financially aid one or two refugees per team. Like many Americans at the current time, jobs are often hard to come by for the refugee community. Unfortunately, many refugees struggle to find work because of language, cultural, and transportation barriers. For every team that participates in Mission 24, RTN will pay two refugees for helping prepare the serve food for two meals. No only will you be able to feed the community spiritually through Mission24, you will feed some families physically. Mission 24 is for teams of all ages that desire to come for one overnight trip. It is primarily for local churches but is open for all. It is limited to teams of 15-30 people.
What is the schedule? Teams arrive on Friday night and go to an apartment complex for Friday evening ministry. The team will have a cookout with hot dogs and make contacts with residents. Upon returning, teams will debrief. On Saturday morning, breakfast will be provided, and teams will engage in prayer walking at the same apartment community and visiting families met the night before. Lunch is provided at noon. After lunch and preparation, teams will conduct a Backyard Bible Club in the apartment complex. When the Club is concluded, the team returns home.
What is the cost? The cost is $25 and a pack of hot dogs per person. This will cover the overnight stay at a church, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, and the financial aiding of two refugee volunteers. T-shirts are an additional $5.
To sign up, email Bill Johnson at ksccall@gmail.com

International Pastors’ Roundtable

Meet every other month on the fourth Thursday in Stone Mountain at 7 pm. For locations and information, email Bill Johnson at ksccal@gmail.com or call 770.241.1421.

Donate Your Used Computer

Reach the Nations is accepting used computers to be used for the Adult Computer Literacy Classes. computers must be in working condition. For more information, email Bill Johnson at ksccal@gmail.com.