Ignite Your Passion for Evangelism!?

Ignite Your Passion for Evangelism!
That’s the theme for this year’s Annual Missions Celebration, Thursday, October 17th at the FBC of Stone Mountain. My prayer is that God will truly “ignite” your, 
-Passion for Jesus!
-Church’s desire to blanket your church community with Good News!
Why do we need for our souls to be “set on fire”? 
Over 200 people move to the
20 county Atlanta area
-80% of our churches are in
Baptisms reported by our
churches are down 28% in the
last 5 years.
Attendance is down 6% in the
last 5 years.
This meeting will provide you with practical tools to reverse this decline. Participants will have the opportunity to hear two inspiring preachers and participate in two practical workshops.
CLICK HERE for a list and to register! Space is limited! Pre-register today! You don’t want to miss this incredible event!