Where is Your Focus?

Where is your focus in life? In your church? For several months now we have been talking about this matter as an Association of churches. We have determined that this statement encapsulates our focus: “Stone Mountain Baptist Association of Churches starts and strengthens churches in  partnership to ignite a spiritual awakening.” There are several key components to this statement:
  • We are partners: We are better together as churches work in partnership to fulfill the Great Commission starting in our Jerusalem.
  • We are an Association of Churches: We aren’t a separate entity. We exist because of the church and our focus is to serve you.
  • We start churches: When churches partner together then we can send others out to unreached people groups and underserved communities of lostness.
  • We strengthen churches: As we partner together, we strengthen one another and we continue to build the Body of Christ
  • Our outcome is Spiritual Awakening: An awakening takes place when God sovereignly pours out his Spirit and it impacts a culture.
I am continuing to share this statement and unpack its meaning so we can gain understanding and your feedback. Please send me your thoughts!