Why Should I Attend the Associational Annual Meeting?

The 180th Annual Meeting of your Stone Mountain Baptist Association meets on Thursday, October 17th at the First Baptist Church of Stone Mountain. You and your church family are encouraged to attend.
You might be asking yourself, “Why should I attend?” Our Association of Churches is like an extended family of churches filled with all kinds of people in large and small churches who worship and serve the one true God!
The New Testament referred to believers as a body, a fellowship, a flock and as a family.  The primary term Paul used to refer to the church was “brother”. It is recorded 98 times in the New Testament!
  In Galatians 6:10 the Apostle Paul shared with the church at Galatia, “Therefore as we have opportunity, Iet us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” Paul thanked the Church at Phillpi for their “partnership in the Gospel.”
(Phil. 1: 5)
So I encourage you to come to our “Family Reunion”! You will be blessed and equipped to
“Ignite Your Passion for Evangelism!”
Space is limited in our workshops, so I encourage you to pre-register at our website: www.stonemountainbaptistassociation.org